Accommodation in Caucasus

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Accommodation guidelines

By now you have guessed that the Caucasus has multiple areas that are interesting for ski touring. When you ski all day you need to sleep somewhere at night. While we promote sleeping in tents and exploring remote valleys, we understand this is not possible all winter.
Therefore, we wrote this guide to give you some insights on accommodation in Georgia.
Outside of the main cities and touristic areas, time has stood still and you can experience authentic country life like it was in the previous century. Most people in the countryside live from farming and do not have a high income. So do not expect luxury; it’s part of the adventure. That said, Georgia is quite a well developed country for summer tourism. The Caucasus is a heaven for trekking and hiking. This makes it relatively easy to find accommodation to use during ski touring, even in the more remote areas.
Kazbegi Region
The 2 main centers of accommodation are Stepantsminda and the main ski resort, Gudauri. Bookings can be made using online platforms, or on the spot if it’s not a peak holiday week.
In more remote valleys you might want to book ahead. There is accommodation available even in winter in Juta and on Mt. Kazbek, but you’ll need to call ahead of time.
Racha Region
In the village Racha, there is accommodation available which you can track down online. Please be aware that this accommodation is mostly used in summer, so instead of just booking online, make sure they know you’re coming and give them a call. Most people that run a hotel understand the English words “booking” and “room”.
Upper Svaneti Region.
Mestia is the centre of summer activity in Upper Svaneti and has the widest range of accommodation available. An often used second is Ushguli. Here accommodation will also be available, but check via phone if the hotel or guesthouse is open.
There are houses available to rent as well in the more snow-heavy areas where many locals leave for winter. These houses are best organized via a local contact, as they will be both impossible to find and discuss without speaking the local language. It is, for example, possible to book a private house for the whole week in Racha or Ushguli, if you use some local contacts.