Village closest to acces


How to get to skin / walk start

Total Time

This is indication of total tour time


This is only the way up, so single way.

Elevation Gain

Total ascent (or descent) of the tour


How difficult in terms of terrain, navigating, skiing


 Estimate of steepness of ski descent in degrees°


Which wind directions is slope facing

Avalanche Exposure

We try to indicate avalanche sensitive slopes, but this is only an indication

Highest Point

Highest point of the tour


Where is closest or easiest place to sleep

Map Legend

If there is only one colour track, the starting point indicates where the route goes up.

On hand drawn maps we use blue to indicate the way up and green for the way down. In the above map we also use green shade to indicate possible areas of decent. This means you have to find the best route and snow yourself.

Please remember, you are solely responsible for your safety and snow condition assesment.

You can hover the elevation graph to see position on the map.

Download GPX Track

This is only availabe if we made or received an actual GPX track of the route. If we only have a route drawn on the map you have to use a digital map or paper maps from Geoland