How to get there



Tbilisi – Kazbegi: Open to Gudauri all winter, pass between Gudauri and Tbilisi closes during heavy snowfall until avalanche danger has subsided

Tbilisi – Svaneti: Open all winter with only temporary closures between Zugdidi and Mestia due to rock slides and occaisonal closured between Mestia and Ushguli during heavy snowfall.

Tbilisi – Racha: Open all winter. Last 10 km to Ghebi is gravel and requires 4×4 in snowy/icy conditions. Road to Shovi is asphalt and may or may not be plowed.

Most of the main roads in the Caucasus stay open all winter. The side valleys from the main roads might or might not be open, depending on the amount of people/villages at the end of the road. For example, the road to Shatili is only open until Barisakho after the first heavy snow fall.
This indeed means that some villages which can be reached by road in summer reached are snowed in for winter. If you pass them while ski touring make sure to pay them a visit as there will are often several people still living there, with enough cheese, grain and milk (read: cows) to survive the isolated winter.
Mini bus
There are marshrutkas (mini buses) that travel the country year-round on all the main and secondary roads. This is a cheap and adventurous option which will get cramped if you bring your ski gear. They have limited luggage space. Expect to pay 10-20 GEL for a ride, depending on your destination. In Tbilisi, marshrutkas leave from Didube Station. If a taxi driver claims that there is no bus, ignore them, they are trying to cheat you.
Detailed information about transportation to each region can be viewed on that region’s page: Svaneti  Racha  Kazbegi
Marshrutka to Gudauri: 8 GEL, 9am to 6pm
Marshrutka to Kazbegi (Stepantsminda): 12 GEL, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14:30, 15:30, 17, 18, 19
Marshrutka to Racha (Oni):
Marshrutka to Mestia:
Another option is to hire a driver. Drivers could be found at the airports (bit of a guess in terms of comfort and driving skills) or can be arranged beforehand via a local contact. The benefit of the latter is that you will have a better car (4WD) and the driver is more reliable. Expect about 150 GEL to travel up to 150 km from Tbilisi, but prices are significantly higher in touristic regions like Gudauri and Kazbegi or for travel on rough backroads.
A third option is to rent your own car. This can be done at airports or via local agencies. Expect $45/130 GEL per day for a proper rental that will get you to the mountains.