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Try to upload your adventure within 5 minutes, so you have time to go outside after
  • Be creative but try to mention the begin and end point
  • How to get to the start of the route
  • What amount of time did it take to actually do this?
  • What distance is the walk up
  • How many meters do you go up before you go down
  • How difficult is the route in terms of navigation, walking and skiing
  • How steep are the parts you descent
  • Is the tour facing N, NE, S, NW, a combi or else?
  • Steep slopes, avalanche traces, other notes
  • Highest point in the tour in meters
  • Where to sleep
  • Description of your skitour using 5 clear and direct phrases: One opening, how to start, what was challenging, what kind of rests were possible, how did it end?
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    Choose 3 photos that give a good overview of your skitour. Can have people on it, but skip selfies and make sure they support the story :). Problems, mail them to info@skitourcaucasus.com
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    Please send us your track or the location where it's uploaded (and downloadable, for example Wikiloc or Fatlab). Problems, mail your file to info@skitourcaucasus.com
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